What is Biopuncture?

Biopuncture is a therapy consisting of injecting homeopathic remedies into specific areas. The name Biopuncture originated from combining the word biotherapeutics [ bio-] with acupuncture [ -puncture].
Most of these injections are given under the skin or in the muscles depending on the location of the pain. One can also inject different combinations of natural products. These combinations contain several bio-therapeutic products in one ampoule. Several such diluted products are mixed together in one ampoule which has its own specific therapeutic characteristics. Examples of ampoules used are:

  • Traumeel for inflammation and sports injuries.
  • Zeel is used for tennis elbow, whiplash and arthritis.
  • Lymphomyosot is used for lymph drainage
  • Spascupreel is used for muscle spasms
  • Echinacea and other remedies are used for influenza

These homeopathic products are injected with the primary aim of stimulating your own defence systems so that your body can heal itself. In many cases, this is sufficient to get the body in balance again. Local injections can also be given to stimulate the local blood circulation, and to support the ongoing inflammatory processes.

Biopuncture is performed according to the latest technical and safety standards. This includes a correct injection technique and the use of sterile disposable material so that transmission of disease is impossible. Most of the ampoules used for injections are made in Germany and are submitted to very strict quality control regulations and systems.